WealthEngine’s Look-Alike Model allows users to identify prospects who display similar characteristics to your best clients or customers based on factors like giving capacity and demographic and lifestyle data. This information can help you identify prospects who resemble the people from your chosen segment of ideal existing customers. 

This is the only model that is fully integrated into the WE9 platform. The accessibility and speed of this model means that it should be an integral part of any prospecting effort. 

This attached article will cover:

•    What you will learn

•    When to use it

•    How long it takes

•    Deliverables

•    Customer and WE Attribute Inputs


What WE need from you:

To generate a Look-Alike model, you must simply select the profiles you have saved with the My Profiles section of the WE platform that you want to base the model on – for example, a list of major gift donors. 

WealthEngine will do the rest!

Reading the results:

Model Output: After you’ve selected the customer profiles you want modeled, you’ll receive a score and decile rank for every attribute (the top 300 will be displayed).For decile ranks, all scores are articulated from a range of 100-1000 and the corresponding deciles shows you the top 10% of prospects (i.e. ‘1’ represents the top 10% of prospects, ‘2’ represents the top 20%, and so on). These results will help you identify which of your prospects to target.


Deliverable: Once your information has been analyzed, scores are returned to you in the form of  a prospect list within WealthEngine’s User Interface.