The Gift Capacity estimates how much your person can afford to give in a five-year period to all the institutions they support, in total. Five major components make up the score and a formula is used for each to determine which information is included and in what amounts.

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This article will cover:

  • Formula Components
  • Income
  • Real Estate
  • Stock
  • Pension
  • Charitable Giving

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Formula Components


Income is either directly drawn from data or imputed based on other data sources. The sources that are involved with income calculation include but are not limited to the following:

  • Market Guide
  • Hoovers
  •  GuideStar
  • Household Profile
  • Census Data
  • Real Estate

A little more detail:

  • Income derived from current real estate is calculated using a formula based on the property market value, first loan amount, and age, if available.
  • Household Profile and Census information is based on demographic (as opposed to hard asset) data. The default age of the individual is set to 40, but you can change the age by supplying that information in an Advanced Search or screening.

Value in the Giving Capacity: 10% of ((their income X (age - 22)) X 10%).  The 22 represents how many years on average they have probably been in the workforce.

Real Estate

the highest value for each property is now from either Sale, Market, Assessed, or AVM for a specific property. And after that, we add up all the highest values of different properties to get the total real estate value.

although there is an exception if a property is a multi-parcel property. We only consider 
Market, Assessed, or AVM value for the highest value calculation excluding sale amount from the calculation for that specific property. 

      Let's say MR ABC who owns multiple properties has 4properties

r first three properties: highest values are $450K(property1)+$450K(property2)+$450K(property3) (considering highest of sale Market Assessed AVM) but for property 4 highest is $450K not  $900K as it’s a multi-parcel property.

so total Real Estate value is (
$450K(property1)+$450K(property2)+$450K(property3)+$450k(property4 where we didn’t take sale amount into account)) = 1800K


Insider stock information is derived from Wealth ID and Thomson Financial SEC listings. Insiders are individuals who own 10% or more of a public company and/or are one of the key decision-makers at a said company (all other stock is private). 

Value in the Giving Capacity: 10% of (the individual’s direct holdings, + value of sales transactions from the last 3 years).

  • Note: You can find more detailed insider stock data using Pinpoint in the Specialty Search Tools.


Pension information is derived from Federal Form 5500 databases. Usually, the number of plan participants is less than or equal to 5, and this data represents 5% of pension plan payments (3/4 of total plan value) for a period of five years. 

Value in the Giving Capacity: 5% of (the Pension Value X 5)

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving information is sometimes derived from Political and Philanthropic giving databases.

Value in the Giving Capacity: 100% of (total gifts to you + total Political & Philanthropic gifts).